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An on and off model railroader since I was about 8 years old, retirement, and my wife, have been the catalyst to get serious about modeling.  The layout is nothing big, I enjoy the research and modeling of the locomotives more than building a huge layout.  I am a father of two, and grandfather of one.  I enjoy multiple hobbies in addition to model railroading, including sea kayaking, fly fishing, woodworking, astronomy, radio controlled airplanes, reading, computer programming and electronics, cooking, gardening, and good food.


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    1. Hello Frank, Thank you for stopping by my blog, maybe I should start posting again. The only DT-6-6-2000 drawings I am aware of are from the Baldwin operating manual for the locomotive. They are for the early version and are dimensioned but likely not to the detail you would need. I have a scan of the drawings from my grandfather’s operating manual, but there is a much better set on the web. I will send you a copy of those via regular email.
      Good resource sites are the EJ&E unofficial archives, and the EJ&E Facebook page run by Kevin Piper, former locomotive engineer. I will send links for those also. On my tablet now and much easier to do that from a keyboard.



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